Sunday, April 25, 2010

Visit Kuranda Village - a Tourist Mecca

Above is one of several markets in Kuranda Village.  To the left is the sign at the front of the Bookshop in Kuranda.  Kuranda is a great little village in the rainforest up in the hills behind Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Come and visit, you will enjoy the Village and the surroundings with lush forest, much of it World heritage.  There are great things to see and do. The Village itself is a tourist paradise with much character. There are native animals, butterflies, Aboriginal artefacts, arts and crafts and many other things to see. The markets are open every day. There are also great rainforest walks as well as the thunderous Barron Falls in the wet located in the Barron Gorge, plus the Barron River itself.
Come up by vintage train from the Cairns central station, or by cable car from Smithfield, or if you want a cheap but interesting trip by bus from the centre of Cairns.
We are not far from the east coast so you can still enjoy the beauties of the beaches and the Great Barrier Reef.  It is also the doorway to the marvelous Atherton Tablelands.

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