Sunday, December 13, 2009

Some people of Aboriginal descent in Kuranda


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  2. Thanks for your invitation, Graham. Who knows in the long years of late adulthood, the years from 60 to 80 as some human development psychologists label that period---or even old age, the years after 80--my wife, Chris, and I may drop in and stay for a few days!

    It was good to have you and Terrie here in Tasmania, go out to dinner and chat about life and liberty and our mutual pursuit of happiness. Best wishes to you and Terrie in your little town in Queensland.-From Ron in George Town, Tasmania
    PS--I removed my first post in this section, Graham, because it had a spelling mistake in it. The teacher and student in me, 32 years in classrooms as a teacher and another 18 as a student, was not happy looking at it.