Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Recently My wife Terrie and I have been to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, where we had a most memorable time. It is a very multicultural and multi religious society made up of various Europeans, Indians, African creoles and Chinese, with much intermixing. English is the official language but French and Creole are most common. It is a beautiful Island with a very colourful past and very friendly people. On the whole it is quite harmonious.

I went to Hindu prayers at a small temple, prayers at the Mosque in Port Louis, a service in the Catholic Cathedral in east Mauritus and a Baha'i feast in the Rosehill Baha'i Centre. We also attended Divali "festival of lights"celebrations in the north and visited the Baha'i National Office in Port Louis.
We had an interesting experience at Casela Wildlife Park, see the photo above.

We stayed at Maison Eureka in Moka, a lovely old French mansion once used by French colonial sugar planters with African slaves. We were spoilt by the staff and had a great time there in an old but comfortable 3 room cottage, see photo of the Mansion above.