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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear Friends,

I have been working on a short play entitled "The Gibran Portrait". It deals with the portrait by Kahlil Gibran of Abdu'l-Baha, undertaken in New York in 1912. It has 3 actors - Gibran, Juliet Thompson and Percy Grant plus a narrator.
The Gibran Portrait pdf 4.pdf - 471k View Download
As to a selection of my other articles, stories and poems, please see "older posts" at the end of this page. These are available for viewing and downloading.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Recently My wife Terrie and I have been to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, where we had a most memorable time. It is a very multicultural and multi religious society made up of various Europeans, Indians, African creoles and Chinese, with much intermixing. English is the official language but French and Creole are most common. It is a beautiful Island with a very colourful past and very friendly people. On the whole it is quite harmonious.

I went to Hindu prayers at a small temple, prayers at the Mosque in Port Louis, a service in the Catholic Cathedral in east Mauritus and a Baha'i feast in the Rosehill Baha'i Centre. We also attended Divali "festival of lights"celebrations in the north and visited the Baha'i National Office in Port Louis.
We had an interesting experience at Casela Wildlife Park, see the photo above.

We stayed at Maison Eureka in Moka, a lovely old French mansion once used by French colonial sugar planters with African slaves. We were spoilt by the staff and had a great time there in an old but comfortable 3 room cottage, see photo of the Mansion above.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Poem

Welcome again to my blog.

Following is a poem that won a small cash prize at the latest Kuranda Spring Festival Poets' Breakfast in 2009:

Forest Glass House pdf2.pdf - on Dec 14, 2009 26k View Download

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Barron falls, just outside of Kuranda, during wet season , below, and in the dry, See
Barron Falls in dry.jpg - 11k View Download
In Turkey 2010

Some additional Photos:
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Cassowary.jpg - 17k View Download
office2.JPG - 49k View Download
Kuranda Feast 7-9-08.jpg - 61k View Download
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Welcome to my blog.  I am a barrister who formerly worked for the Northern Territory Government.  I arrived in Darwin just before Cyclone Tracy in 1974, when my rented house was blown away completely.  Then I was employed by the Commonwealth, firstly in the Department of the Northern Territory and later in the Attorney-Generals' Department. 

I was the first member to actually work in the new Territory  Department of Law (later Department of Justice)  in 1977 before self-government was granted to the Territory in 1978.  I was the first Crown Solicitor of the Territory.  Later I became Senior Crown Counsel for the Territory.  I took early retirement in 1998 but have continued to work for the Territory on brief as a barrister.

I really enjoyed my work in the Territory.  It was exciting and interesting to be involved in constitutional development and in many other issues.  I still visit the Territory from time to time.
I discovered these original Royal Letters Patent 1863 in a search in Adelaide.  They provide for the annexation of the Territory to the Province of South Australia.  Previously it was a part of the Colony of New South Wales although not permanently settled by Europeans.  Later it became part of the new State of South Australia at federation in 1901.  In 1911 it was surrendered to the Commonwealth by South Australia by Agreement between the two governments ( confirmed by legislation in both jurisdictions) and became a Commonwealth territory.   I was never able to find the original Agreement.

On 1 July 1978 the Territory became self-governing by Act of the Commonwealth Parliament, even though it still had the status of a Commonwealth territory.  Subsequent litigation confirmed the validity of this grant.
This is the swearing in of the new Territory Government in 1978 by the then Administrator.
Since then, one attempt has been made to transform the self-governing Territory into a State of the federal Commonwealth.  This attempt failed at a Territory referendum in 1998.  The work is ongoing.

My son Haigh at his University graduation in Perth early in 2010
Graham's Site
Below is a list of my short stories, articles and poems , with the actual items available for search. There are at present 47 items. All are subject to my copyright.
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